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Join The Chick-Fil-A Photo Contest!!!

So, my buddy, comedian Jamie Kilstein and I had the following exchange on Twitter after he discovered the following Chick-Fil-A photo contest.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

So, let’s do it. All you have to do is Tweet @ChickFilA a Pride pic and use the hashtag #CFAKickoff.

Simple. Fun. Awesome.

Let’s get a Tweeting!



08 2012

The Matthew Filipowicz Show Is Now On The Air In Grand Rapids, Michigan!

We here at the Matthew Filipowicz Show are excited to announce that we are joining the weekend lineup of Public Reality Radio, 1680 AM & 95.3 FM in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

We will be on the air every Saturday night at 8pm-10pm ET! If you don’t live in the broadcast area, which includes a great deal of Michigan and parts of Indiana, you can stream it live on their website.

Again, we want to thank the listeners and members for supporting the show. We couldn’t do this without you!




02 2012

I’m Giving A Keynote Speech Saturday At The Yale Progressive Principles Conference

This Saturday, February 18th, I’m giving a keynote speech at the Progressive Principles Conference at Yale.

I’ll also be appearing on an art and activism panel.

If you’re in the area, do come out and say hi.




02 2012

VIDEO: Santorum Claims Cutting Welfare A Catholic Value

On Saturday in New Hampshire, Rick Santorum was asked by a young Catholic, who full disclosure, happens to be my fiancee, about whether, as a Catholic, he agrees with the Church’s teaching that Government has a large role in providing for the poor.

His answer was frankly a muddled mess about how he was instrumental in cutting welfare and how the poor need to get jobs and, no joke, get married.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s video of his answer.

So, again, according to Santorum, cutting welfare helped the poor. And if you don’t want to be poor, get a job and get married.

I don’t believe that’s in the Bible, but, I could be wrong.

Also, just having a job doesn’t necessarily keep you out of poverty. There are just as many if not more people who are currently under-employed as unemployed in this country.

But, hey, Santorum’s already gone after homosexuals, women, black people, or blah people as he likes to call them. Why not the poor, too?



01 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, my OccuPumpkin

I’ll Be On The Ed Schultz Show Today

Hey everybody,

I’ll be live on Ed Schultz’s radio show today with guest host Mike Papantonio!

We’ll be talking the Murdoch scandal!

Fun stuff!  Tune in!  12 Et!




08 2011