September 2013’s Bad-Ass Members Only Bonus Episode Is Now Available!

Hey everybody!

The September 2013 edition of Matthew Filipowicz Bad-Ass Members Only Bonus Episode is now available!

However, as “Members Only” implies, it is for Bad-Ass Members Only.  How do you become a member?  It’s simple!  Just head over to our members page and sign up.

Not only do you get the joy in your heart of supporting independent progressive media, not only do you get our monthly bonus episodes, but you’ll also receive other perks like t-shirts, stickers, personalized animations and more!  Plus, once we reach 100 members, we will go to three shows a week!

Can’t afford to become a member?  You can still support the show by making a one time donation, and if you do, you’ll get access to that month’s bonus episode!

As always, our bonus episodes give you a chance to get to know our amazing writer/performers better as we do our version of the McLaughlin Group, which we’ve dubbed the Filipowicz Forum.

This month, after our Chicago performance of Atlas Riffed, I have a one on one conversation with Josh Bolotsky.  We talk the difference between using the term liberal vs. progressive, his work with the Other 98%, other political stories, plus nerd topics like Dr. Who and what the plot for should be for Star Wars Episode VII.

So what are you waiting for?  Become a member today and start enjoying the fruits of knowing you are truly a Bad-Ass!



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