The Matthew Filipowicz Show: Episode 26 with Faiz Shakir, Tim Karr and Karl Frisch

Episode 26 of the Matthew Filipowicz Show is now available to stream and download.


On today’s show, we have even more interviews recorded live at Netroots Nation! Including the editor and chief at Think Progress, Faiz Shakir. Faiz will give us his take on the debt ceiling negotiations and the craziness that is GOP presidential primary field.

We’ll also be joined by my good friend Tim Karr. Tim is, of course, the Campaign Director at Free Press, and he’ll be here to give us the run down of the AT&T & T-mobile merger.

We’ll also be talking to the former Campaign Director at Media Matters For America and current partner at Bullfight Strategies, Karl Frisch.

We’ll discuss right-wing reaction to marriage equality being passed in New York State, including Rudy Giuliani going back on a promise to marry two of his gay friends, and Pat Robertson talking about the rape of angels.

Plus we have an exclusive interview with Rick Santorum’s campaign director and we’ll have Luke Todd from NBC news here to tell us why no matter what, everything is bad news for the Democrats and Obama.

Our writer/performers today are Bob Rok and Frank Chow.

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