The Matthew Filipowicz Show: Episode 23 with Dan Choi, Darcy Burner and Andy Cobb

Episode 23 of the Matthew Filipowicz Show is now available to stream and download.


On today’s show, we have the first batch of interviews recorded live at Netroots Nation!

The first is Army First Lieutenant Dan Choi.  Dan is here to tell us about the struggle for equal rights for LGBT citizens, as well as the political prosecution currently being waged against him and other protestors by President Obama’s Department of Justice.

We’ll also be talking to the President and Executive Director of the Progressive Congress Action Fund, the awesome Darcy Burner. Darcy will tell us about the Progressive Congress’s upcoming jobs tour.

We also have my good friend, comedian and video maker Andy Cobb here to talk about what role comedy and satire play and helping push a progressive agenda.

Plus we have an exclusive breaking news report live from the war in Libya.

Our writer/performer today is Tim Grimes.

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