The Matthew Filipowicz Show: Episode 13 with Max Blumenthal and Nicole Sandler

On Episode 13 of the Matthew Filipowicz Show is now available to stream or download.


On today’s show, we have journalist, filmmaker and the best selling author of Republican Gommorah, Max Blumenthal here to talk about the Israel-Palestine conflict and this past weekends Nakba protests.

We also have the host of the Nicole Sandler Show, Nicole Sandler here to tell us about her arrest at an Allen West town hall meeting in Florida, just for trying to get her Congressperson to answer a question.

We also have “Rapture Expert” here to tell us what to expect when the apocalypse begins this weekend ¬†Plus we have exclusive, never before heard audio from Fox and Friends.

Our writer/performers this week are James Bespalec-Davis, Tim Grimes, and Chris Sowa.

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