The Matthew Filipowicz Show: Episode 06 With Justin Krebs, Erin Gibson, Katie Halper And Sara Benincasa

Episode Six of the Matthew Filipowicz Show is now available to stream and download.


On today’s episode, we talk with the co-founder of Drinking Liberally and Living Liberally, Justin Krebs, about his book 538 Ways To Live, Work, And Play Like A Liberal.

We have my co-panelists from the National Conference For Reform here to answer the questions that we didn’t have time to answer at the NCMR. We have filmaker and Laughing Liberally founder Katie Halper, from Comedy Central and Wonkette, Sara Benincasa and from Current TV’s InfomaniaErin Gibson (joined by That’s So Gay’s Bryan Safi).

We’ll also be joined by a professor of Republican Genetics and we have our good friend, 90’s comedian Connie Howe here to talk about the Supreme Court case versus Walmart.

Our writer/performers today are Josh Bolotsky and Lauren Maul.

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