The Matthew Filipowicz Show: Episode 03 With John Nichols And Tim Karr

Episode three of the Matthew Filipowicz Show is live from the National Conference on Media Reform and is now available to stream or download!


On today’s show we’ll be talking to the Campaign Director for Free Press, Tim Karr about the NCMR11 and about the state of the media today.

We will also be talking with the awesome John Nichols from the Nation Magazine about the latest updates in the war on labor in Wisconsin including the Supreme Court election.

We also have a Donald Trump For President supporter, who also claims to be the pre-eminent expert on Barack Obama’s birth certificate, plus we will have the debut of a brand new song from Matthew Filipowicz show writer/performer Lauren Maul.

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Writer/performers today include Tim Grimes and Lauren Maul.



Matthew Filipowicz

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